Exterior - After

Exterior Painting

After Pressure Washing, loose paint is scraped off and the bare areas sanded to a feather edge, gaps are caulked as needed, bare wood or metal is primed, adjacent surfaces and plants are protected, and paint is applied to all surfaces listed in the ‘Estimate’.

Exterior Staining

This includes surface preparation, installation of the screw covers (plugs), application of one coat of stain in a client approved color, and two coats of high quality varnish.

Concrete Coating

After Etching and Pressure washing the surface, a translucent or opaque non-slip coatings can be applied to the concrete.

Surface Repair

We can restore damaged or rotten siding and trim. If the items are too far gone, we have experienced General Contractors/Carpenters who can handle almost any repair or replacement challenge.

Check out the links below for more information about wood restoration vs. replacement: