We answer our phones and/or return calls the same day. ALL CLIENTS are given the owner’s cell phone number and e-mail address.

We schedule an estimate and show up on time. We go over every detail of the project with our clients. We offer a WARRANTY on our completed work. We provide a written estimate, either by mail, fax, or mostly e-mail. (We’ve encountered many clients who showed us an estimate from other contractors scrawled illegibly on a napkin or paper towel!)

We strive to communicate with our clients before, during, and after the project is complete. We have great references!

​We send a client pre-paint checklist to support our clients in getting ready for the arrival of our crews.

No. Most of our clients like the “3 Sees Approach”, See the rooms, See my cell phone #, See you later. It’s not necessary for the clients to babysit the painters. We assume that most people are busy, and don’t want to stand around watching paint dry.

We move the furniture using special furniture sliders and cover the furniture with plastic. Same with lights, fixtures, cabinets, floors, carpet, etc.

If the client approved the application of a particular color on any surface and doesn’t like it, there will be an additional charge for materials and labor to repaint the surface in another color approved by the client. However, if we apply the wrong color to the wrong surface, there is no charge for the re-paint, as that is our error, not the client’s wrong color choice.

(Note: So far, we have never needed to repaint anything where we applied the wrong color to the wrong surface. However, clients occasionally change their minds, and the repaint is never an issue). When a client is uncertain about their color choice, we are glad to apply a small amount of paint to a wall or ceiling before committing to having the entire batch of paint tinted to any particular color. This way, the client can see how the colors “work” for them in their home or business.)

Yes, we provide a start date and projected duration of the project.  However, inclement weather can cause a loss of production days, which can change the entire schedule.  Also, many times our clients are so enthusiastic about the transformation of their home or business, that they request we complete additional work while we are at their home or business.  We communicate regularly with our clients about the schedule of their projects, as well as on a daily basis throughout the duration of the project.  No one is “left in the dark” about any aspect of their project, as we provide a daily progress briefing, as well as a question and answer session.  This is done in person, backed up by a phone call and/or and e-mail.

We provide a fixed price for the work by measuring all surfaces accurately, and determining the number of labor hours and materials the project will require.  This information is compiled manually, as well as run through TWO estimating software programs:  Quickbooks Pro and Paint Estimating Program.  This ensures that a FAIR  and ACCURATE price is provided for the work requested by the clients.

We are fully insured with a $2,000,000.00 Contractor Liability Insurance Policy.  We also carry Workman’s Compensation on our employees and subcontractors.

Yes, we offer a 7 year residential warranty and a 5 year commercial warranty.   (This doesn’t cover structural damage, fire, weather, or water damage to our completed work.)

I disagree that you should go with the cheapest price. Most people are intelligent enough, experienced enough, and mature enough to know that we get what we pay for. The cheapest price means substandard workmanship due to impairment from drugs or alcohol, inexperience or plain disinterest, poor to non-existent communication, poor quality materials, a poorly written and difficult to comprehend estimate (probably on a napkin) no insurance, no warranty, no references, and one or more creepy looking people in or around your home or business. We must ask ourselves, “Do I want to work with someone who’s claim to fame is that they’re the cheapest contractor around?”